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Press Release
07-07-2013Opinion of legal experts confirms full compliance with law of resolutions adopted by shareholders of Petrolinvest S.A. 68673
12-04-2013Final sales agreement of Emba was concluded68070
01-02-2013Sale of Profit and EMBA - progress67268
09-01-2013Settlement of the investment agreement at the level of PLN 23.5 million in connection with obtaining the financing from Tabacchi68454
04-01-2013Petrolinvest has signed a memorandum of understanding with the leading Chinese energy company68572
21-12-2012In 2012, Petrolinvest became an exploration and production company 67960
12-12-2012Petrolinvest finalises the sale of EMBA68599
31-10-2012Increase of Petrolinvest’s capital to secure shares for financial investors67898
16-10-2012Consent to drilling wells under two shale concessions in Poland. Prospecting concessions expire on 15 May 2016. 67103
27-06-2012Positive decision of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan. Consent to transferring the right to the 50% interest in the OTG contract. 68426
05-06-2012Beginning of cooperation with French exploration and production industry managers with extensive experience in projects implemented by TOTAL company. Plans to reinforce the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. 67552
24-05-2012Signing an executory agreement with TOTAL for common actions in the OTG contract area in Kazakhstan and preparation for making another well at the Koblandy structure66815
09-05-2012Extenstion of the agreement with the EBRD until 30 June 201267635
17-04-2012Silurian Hallwood performed a second share capital increase and acquired additional pln 37 million from investors. In total, following two private share issues, the company acquired over PLN 100 million for the implementation of the programme of shale gas exploration in Poland. 67076
12-04-2012Progress of works in the Shyrak area. Mobilization of a drilling rig for testing of the Shyrak-1 well.66389
04-04-2012Evaluation of the OTG contract in Kazakhstan prepared by McDaniel&Associates, an independent competent person67720
03-04-2012The Petrolinvest group acquired almost PLN 13 million on the implementation of wind farm projects66931
30-03-2012Extension of the credit facility agreement with the PKO-BGK bank consortium until 201465910
30-03-2012Response to SII's letter67609
01-03-2012Petrolinvest consolidates shale gas assets. Creation of the company's value based on its assets in Poland. 67603
17-12-2011Sale of EMBA for USD 35 million focusing activities on the most important assets: OTG and shale gas. 66044
08-12-2011Petrolinvest holds shares in 13 shale gas exploration licences in Poland. funds of PLN 140 million secured for Petrolinvest. Creation of the company's value based on its strategic assets in Poland. 67420
18-11-2011Explanations regarding the report of the independent competent person dated 12 October 201166718
07-11-2011Silurian Hallwood acquired over PLN 66 million from new investors66291
12-10-2011The current report of McDaniel & Associates, an independent competent person, confirms the results of the Shyrak 1 well. This means that a field has been discovered. The independent competent person considerably increases the risked mean estimate on the Shyrak structure and increases - 4.5 times - the amount of hydrocarbon resources determined considering the risked mean estimate. 67661
04-10-2011Emba - prolongation of the contract by another 2 years66532
22-09-2011Petrolinvest concluded an agreement on the purchase of shares in a comprehensive crude oil production and processing project in Kazakhstan66187
16-09-2011Progress of works on the Shyrak 1 well67352
06-09-2011Shyrak 1 - stabilisation of the well. Confirmation of very good reservoir properties of rocks66935
31-08-2011Share capital increase of Petrolinvest - justification and objectives66670
24-08-2011Petrolinvest consolidates shale gas assets67301
23-08-2011A strong and stable gas flow in the Shyrak-1 exploration well, together with the current geophysical data, indicate a field discovery66515
19-08-2011A subsidiary of Petrolionvest SA - Silurian sp. z o.o. was awarded another two licences for shale gas exploration in Poland.66158
16-08-2011Log results confirm hydrocarbon saturation of sub-salt layers in the Shyrak 1 well. The total depth of the Shyrak 1 well was reached. Nineteen horizons were designated for testing.67507
20-07-2011The establishment of joint venture Silurian Hallwood has been completed. Private placement at the end of September 2011, debut at the AIM of the London stock exchange until the end of 2011.66394
13-07-2011Petrolinvest SA sells the shares of the company holding the profit licence in Kazakhstan for USD 8 million66174
13-07-2011The extension of the strategy of Petrolinvest to include wind energy production projects with the total capacity of approximately 100 MW and planned revenue of PLN 200 million under the sale of the investment67062
13-07-2011Petrolinvest announces the execution by Silurian Sp. z o.o. of the transfer of four licences to Silurian Energy Services Sp. z o.o.66504
07-07-2011Petrolinvest SA and its subsidiary Silurian Sp. z o.o. concluded an agreement with Hallwood Energy Group Inc. to form a joint venture Silurian-Hallwood. The new company will make its debut on AIM of the London stock exchange later this year.66197
07-07-2011A subsidiary of Petrolinvest SA - Silurian Sp. z o.o. was awarded another three licences for shale gas exploration in Poland67029
17-06-2011A subsidiary of Petrolinvest SA - Silurian Sp. z o.o. was awarded the fourth concession for shale gas exploration in Poland66361
07-06-2011A subsidiary of Petrolinvest SA - Silurian Sp. z o.o. was awarded three concessions for shale gas exploration in Poland66487
03-06-2011Another confirmation of the high potential of the field in the Koblandy structure67151
30-05-2011Current state of operations at the Shyrak-1 well66286
09-05-2011Possibilities of financing projects of Petrolinvest S.A. increased by PLN 300 million66488
18-04-2011Additional PLN 100 million of financing form Prokom Investments S.A.66954
08-04-2011We shall start drilling in the upcoming days66794
21-03-2011Main objectives of the conditional capital increase66733
07-03-2011The state of the Shyrak 1 well in the region of Aktyubinsk in Kazakhstan67048
31-01-2011The state of the Shyrak 1 well in the region of Aktyubinsk in Kazakhstan66905
16-12-2010Implementation of Petrolinvest's strategy: Entering the segment of shale gas services67865
08-12-2010Petrolinvest prolonged the contract in Kazakhstan67622
06-12-2010Petrolinvest drills in Kazakhstan66782
21-09-2010New Oil Deposit of Petrolinvest68057
19-03-2010International institutional investors provide financing for Petrolinvest through issue of convertible bonds and warrants
17-03-2010French oil company TOTAL to become Petrolinvest's strategic partner on the OTG concession in Kazakhstan68385
10-03-2010EBRD to invest USD 50MM in Petrolinvest's Kazakhstan Project 68390